For Cash & Carry

The aluminium trays for the Cash & Carry industry are supplied pre-packaged with shrink-wrapped packaging and each case pack contains 25/50 pieces, an instruction leaflet and, if envisaged by the product, the relative tray lids.

The aluminium trays for the distribution industry are made from 100% eco-friendly certified aluminium and can be used in a freezer or a conventional oven and/or microwave, depending on the product.

The food grade aluminium trays for the distribution industry are in stock and ready to deliver in packs of 25/50 pieces packed in boxes.

Depending on the selected product, each box can hold between 7 and 32 packs.

Our aluminium tray line

We create the aluminum tray of the size you need

Our line of aluminum trays for industry includes round and rectangular trays, with or without lid, of standard dimensions.
Thanks to internal production, however, we are able to offer customized supplies where you choose the measures to adapt the trays to your product, be it a particular cut of fish / meat or a baked product with a specific shape.