What is MOCA certification for aluminium trays

Find out what buying MOCA certified aluminium trays means and why this certification guarantees you superior quality, safe products.

The MOCA certification, which stands for Materiale e Oggetti per il Contatto con Alimenti (Food Contact Materials and Articles), is an internationally valid document, certifying compliance with European Food Safety Standards such as Regulation EC 2003/2006 on good manufacturing practice and Regulation EC 1935/2004 on the transfer of chemical compounds between materials and food.

Let's take a closer look at what it applies to, what it envisages and why MOCA certification is so important when choosing aluminium tray suppliers.

What does MOCA certification envisage

MOCA certification envisaged a series of tests to ensure that the materials used in food packaging do not cause contaminations that are hazardous to human health.

By using this certification, therefore, food container manufacturers verify the quality of the packaging they produce and ensure that during the production of the packaging and during its use, they do not transfer harmful substances to the food.

What does it apply to

MOCA certification is required for all food grade packaging made from a range of materials such as rubber, cardboard, ceramics, plastics and metals. As manufacturers of aluminium food trays, therefore, we feel personally involved and are committed to ensuring that our products meet such safety standards by testing them in the laboratory of the Federico II University of Naples.

Why MOCA certification is a guarantee seal for aluminium trays

Aluminium trays are used to store food at both high and low temperatures, such as when using the trays in a microwave, oven or freezer.

In these situations the trays undergo a heat shock test and, if it is made of poor quality aluminium, its molecular structure can change so that particles dangerous to our health are released into the atmosphere and onto the food.

Choosing an aluminium tray supplier that guarantees MOCA certified trays means purchasing a superior quality product whose molecular structure does not change during use and does not become a health hazard even under situations of heat shock typical of our kitchens.

At Kipack, the health of those who use our packaging comes first and foremost, which is why we guarantee MOCA certified aluminium trays and manufacture them according to a methodical and controlled operating process.