Practical and eco-friendly
aluminium trays.

We said no to plastic and started producing 100% ecofriendly food grade packaging, using 100% recycled and recyclable aluminium, which is MOCA certified and processed in Italy.


Aluminium trays with lids


Round and rectangular trays


Bespoke aluminium containers


Packaging in aluminium to meet all requirements

We directly supply round and rectangular aluminium trays, with or without lids, to food chain enterprises delivered in bulk and packed on pallets.

We have over 2,000 square meters of roofed warehouse space with ready to ship products, and we manage all the manufacturing in-house and can produce bespoke aluminium trays that meet your requirements.

We manufacture aluminium trays, with or without lids, for small distributors and wholesalers.

Shrink-wrapped in packs of 25/50 pieces and sold to confectioners, delicatessens, rotisseries, restaurants etc. The packs are packed in boxes containing 7/32 packs depending on the selected trays, which are then placed on pallets to optimise transportation.


Safe, practical and eco-friendly

Vaschette in alluminio

Ideal for freezers

Our aluminium trays allow you to store food in the freezer for long periods of time without the need for preservatives, to guarantee healthier and more genuine food.

Ideal for ovens

With Kipack food containers you can cook first courses, meat and fish second courses with side dishes, directly in the oven without having to place them in glass or terracotta ovenware.

Ideal for microwaves

Kipack food trays can be used in microwaves provided that the aluminium does not come into contact with the oven walls and any lids are removed.

Our aluminium container line


Certified food grade trays

We purchase coils of 100% recycled aluminium and, after production, we have our trays certified by the University of Naples Federico ll to guarantee users food grade aluminium containers.


Choose quality to store and cook your food

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