For the food industry

Our aluminium tray line for the industrial supply chain is dedicated to all enterprises that produce and package portioned food and need practical aluminium trays that the end customer can use to transport food, store it in a refrigerator and heat it up in an oven or microwave.

We manufacture aluminium trays and supply them in bulk, pallet-packed, to food chain enterprises to optimise supply costs and lead times.

The standard models are always in stock at our warehouse and ready to deliver.

Our aluminium container line

We create the aluminum tray of the size you need

Our line of aluminum trays for industry includes round and rectangular trays, with or without lid, of standard dimensions.
Thanks to internal production, however, we are able to offer customized supplies where you choose the measures to adapt the trays to your product, be it a particular cut of fish / meat or a baked product with a specific shape.